As an employer, in addition to saving on business on equipment costs, having a Salary Packaging program for personal devices means that your employees are comfortable and more productive using their favorite technologies. Salary Packaging technology also adds to your ability to attract the best talent and retain it, which gives a competitive “people” advantage in the long run.

As an employee, Salary Packaging, or Salary Sacrifice, means instead of paying for personal electronic devices, such as a new Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker, after you pay your taxes on your income, you pay before the tax is taken out. This inturn lowers your *taxable income to help you pay less tax.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Salary Packaging And Employee Benefits

What Is Salary Packaging?
Salary packaging enables our partners to get their staff working on the latest devices while simultaneously reducing business costs.

In this arrangement, partner employees can elect to purchase their own portable electronic devices, which they use at work and at home, from their pre-tax salary*

It is made possible by ATO Fringe Benefit Tax exemptions; it is adopted because all parties make big savings.

Reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and offer first-class employee benefits through Salary Packaging from Harvey Norman Technology for Business.
* Limited to one purchase per approved item per year.

How Does Salary Packaging Work?

Staff apply to make a purchase through our secure portal

Once approved, they visit any Harvey Norman store for a hands-on shopping experience. The employee selects the eligible goods they need, and the system advises the employer to set up the repayments deductions.

The employee pays for their purchase through deductions from their pre-tax salary over a one, three or six-month period. Our partners make the repayments over the same term. This reduces the employee’s taxable income and, as a result, means the employer saves on payroll expenses

Salary Packaging Testimonial

“Salary Sacrificing through Harvey Norman Salary Packaging is an essential part of our Employee Benefits Program. Our 15-year relationship with the team at Harvey Norman has been ideal in providing a simple and easy way for our employees to take advantage of the eligible tax benefits, as well as enjoying the personalised service provided by Harvey Norman when purchasing their personal electronic devices. This is one of the more popular benefits in our business.

John Papapostolou

Senior Manager, Remuneration & Benefits, Qantas

how much can be saved using salary packaging?

Sarah works for a company with 1,000 staff and earns $65,000 per annum. Sarah needs a new laptop and receives approval to spend $2,000 via our Salary Packaging scheme. 200 of her colleagues opt to do the same in this example the savings could reach:


Sarah’s savings


The company's

Salary Packaging Advantages


  • Save on business costs with reduced input tax credits, workers compensation and payroll tax
  • Increase efficiency by pairing staff with the latest technology
  • Become an employer of choice through first-class company benefits
  • Easy to use Salary Packaging web portal


  • Work anytime, anywhere on a fast, reliable device
  • Save as much as 45% on the latest technology
  • No up front costs and easy payment options
  • Fringe Benefit Tax exempt

Why Choose Salary Packaging?

Unrivalled Choice

Offer meaningful work perks by allowing employees to choose from a vast array of the latest technology from the big-name brands.


Our robust, customisable and secure salary packaging portal makes managing purchases and payments straightforward.

Great Prices

A partnership with one of Australia’s leading retailers enables your staff to benefit from the competitive prices only we can offer.

A Name You Trust

Harvey Norman has been pairing businesses with the latest technology for over 30 years so you can be sure of outstanding service and support.

Expert Assistance

From ATO compliance to product availability, our highly trained support staff are always on-hand to answer your questions.

How Do I Start Salary Packaging?

The only thing you need to do is get in touch. An adviser will explain the program in more detail so you can decide if it’s right for your organisation.

If you choose to join, we work together to establish which products you want to offer, what information you would like to appear in your portal and when to launch. We make the announcement to your employees so you can relax in the knowledge that everyone is aware of the system and how to use it.

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