Volume Purchasing or Single Source Procurement is a partnership between a leading supplier and a buyer with an ongoing need for that supplier’s product or service. When implemented successfully, it saves the customer time, money and hassle by enabling them to source everything they require at reduced prices from one outlet.

The Benefits of Volume Purchasing from Harvey Norman


A partnership with Harvey Norman Technology for Business puts our unrivalled buying power at your disposal so you can enjoy big savings across a huge selection of the latest hardware, software and IT support services.


No more chasing suppliers, tracking multiple shipments or searching for deals. Shop through a secure, customised portal or liaise with your own dedicated account manager for advice, recommendations and insights.


Regular, detailed reporting means you can see what you’re spending, what you’re saving and what your return on investment looks like. Easy access to order status ensures you’ll always know what to expect and when.


A partnership with Harvey Norman Technology for Business goes beyond fulfilment. We also offer ongoing support so you can minimise downtime, stay compliant with the latest regulations and keep your business on track.

The Benefits of IT Procurement Services from Harvey Norman Technology for Business

One, Reliable Supplier

We handle everything from licensing to configuration so you don’t have to. Our experience and resources mean you can lean on us for anything from a new printer to rolling out service-attached terminals across multiple sites.

Straightforward Purchases

Our easy-to-use procurement portal gives you instant access to our inventory and your order information. It even includes hierarchical sign-off functions that streamline internal communications.

Supply Chain

Our Single Source Procurement program is made possible by our long-established, nationwide logistics network. This means you can place an order in the knowledge that it will be fulfilled in a timely fashion.

A Name You Trust

Harvey Norman has been putting innovative technology in Australian homes for generations. Harvey Norman Technology for Business support packages are built on the same values that made us a household name so you can be sure of exceptional service.

How Does Volume Purchasing Work?

    Volume Purchasing follows a straightforward, five-step process:

    Step 1: You meet with your dedicated account manager to discuss your needs and how you want to progress.

    Step 2: Once your account is approved, you log in to the portal and choose the inventory you require.

    Step 3: If relevant, your order details are sent to the individuals in your organisation who are responsible for sign-off.

    Step 4: If your purchase is authorised, we process and deliver your items

    Step 5: We issue an invoice granting 30 days’ credit.*

    *Subject to credit approval

We are here to help

Enhancing your IT strategy is just one of the ways Harvey Norman Technology for Business can help your company leverage the power of technology.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of managed services, expert advice and product solutions that ensure your business stays secure, compliant and equipped to capitalise on whatever opportunities arise.

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