O3 General Support Terms & Conditions

  • Standard Cloud Services support refers to the basic management of Microsoft 365 services (Exchange, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, etc)
  • Must have appropriate Microsoft 365, Intune or Enterprise Mobility + Security subscription
  • Support availability: certified technical specialists are available 6am – 6pm AEST Monday to Friday
  • Device Management includes up to 5 devices per user
  • Hardware troubleshooting: in the case that a suitable warranty is not in place, hardware troubleshooting will be limited to first to first level diagnosis and recommendations
  • Hardware troubleshooting requires a Tier1 warranty for escalation of warranty related issues
  • Workflow Automation is limited to analysis/troubleshooting of existing workflows within Power Automate
  • Support for non-Microsoft applications is limited to basic diagnosis and escalation to the appropriate application vendor
  • Harvey Norman Technology for Business and its suppliers will undertake commercially reasonable efforts to provide technical assistance under this agreement, but does not guarantee that all problems will be solved or that any item
The Service Provider will provide the Services in respect of all Covered Users and associated Covered Devices in accordance with this Agreement including the Service Levels.

The Services will be provided in respect of Covered Users. As at the Commencement Date, the parties acknowledge that the agreed number of users comprise the Covered Users for the purposes of this Agreement start date, the start date is the date of first invoice.

Additional users may be included as Covered Users with written approval and confirmation from both the Client and the Service Provider as required, with an adjustment of the Service Provider fees applied accordingly. If the number of Covered Users increases or decreases by a number equivalent to 20% of the then current number, the parties will review the increase or decrease and negotiate in good faith and appropriate adjustment to the Service Charge that reflects the increased or decreased number of Covered Users.

Installation of Covered Device monitoring agents is limited to the Microsoft Intune product. The Service Provider shall provide the following services as part of the Services, subject to the terms of this Agreement:
  • Unlimited IT support services for all Covered Users and up to five (5) associated Covered Devices per Covered User as described below.
  • Unlimited Office 365 Administration, inclusive of;
    • User adds, moves and changes as per instruction from authorised representatives
    • User password management
    • Service enhancement configuration
    • Service usage and consumption reporting

Services will be provided during the following hours according to the Service Provider’s coverage schedule (Coverage Hours)

Coverage Status
Remote Support - 6am to 6pm Monday to Friday AEST INCLUDED
Remote Support - 24 x 7 NOT INCLUDED*
Public Holidays & Weekends NOT INCLUDED*

*Services not included may be provisioned by the Service Provider at their sole discretion, subject to the additional rates.

The Service Provider will provide the following communication options to the Client for support services;

Phone via 1300 501 502 / +61 7 3183 2600 / 1300781865
Online Customer Portal via https://support.online3.com.au

Services requested by the Client through an authorised representative and provisioned by the Service Provider outside the Coverage Hours or Coverage Terms are subject to additional charges at the following rates, which are presented exclusive of GST or any other applicable taxes and are billed in 15 minute increments or part thereof. The Service Provider will endeavour to provide an estimate of expected additional charges prior to commencement of the activities wherever possible. Service level requirements will be assessed at the time of service.

Service Level Rate
Online 3 Specialist Services $245 per hour
Online 3 Technical Services $195 per hour

For the purposes of this Agreement and the Services provided, Covered Users are users that are identified to the Service Provider as having an active account under the Clients Microsoft Online Services tenancy and that are authorised to request support services from the Service Provider. Covered Devices are devices that are registered against a Covered Users account and that can be identified by the Service Provider at the time of service. Two distinct classifications of support are provided, subject to the type of Covered Device in use;

Support Action App Support Full Support
Application support* X X
Application updates* X X
Operating System support X
Operating System updates X
Endpoint protection support X
Hardware Support X

In order to qualify for coverage, Covered Devices must meet a minimum level of specification, per the following criteria;

Operating System Minimum Specification Support Classification
Microsoft Windows Windows 10 Pro 1909 Full Support
Apple MacOS MacOS 10.15 App Support
Android Android 10 App Support
iOS iOS 12 App Support

Devices that do not meet the minimum specifications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may be refused support by the Service Provider if deemed unfit for service. The Service Provider may also offer to bring the device up to the required specification at additional cost. To qualify for Hardware Support, all Covered Devices must also be covered by a valid manufacturer warranty and have an active support agreement with that vendor.

All Covered Devices must be reachable through a Suitable Network Connection to qualify for remote support.
A Suitable Network Connection is a connection defined as meeting the following criteria;

  • a consistent and stable connection to the internet with less than 5% observed packet loss and less than 200ms latency to the upstream provider
  • At least 5Mbps download and 0.5Mbps upload consistent throughput available
  • No artificial connectivity restrictions imposed (via firewall or other means) on TCP ports 80, 443 and 5938

The Service Provider agrees to provide support for corporate Applications deployed to Covered Devices as follows;

Support Action Limited Support Full Support
Troubleshooting time limited to 30 minutes X
Troubleshooting time unlimited X
Covered by Service Level Agreements X
Application update management X

'Full Support' applications are defined as;

Microsoft Windows Operating System and core features
Microsoft Office Suite (2016 and above, Pro Plus or Business versions only)
Microsoft Office 365 applications (Teams, OneDrive, etc)

All other Applications, include common 3rd party applications and specialised Line of Business (LOB) applications are classified as 'Limited Support' applications and are subject to the restrictions detailed in the table above (unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Client and Service Provider). In addition to the restrictions imposed, all 'Limited Support' applications must meet the following requirements in order to continue to be eligible to receive support;

  • Application must have an active Vendor support agreement for escalation of issues (Service Provider to manage support process within defined restrictions)
  • Application must have an active Vendor support agreement for maintenance and updates (Service Provider to manage support process within defined restrictions)
  • Any work to provide maintenance or updates to the 'Limited Support' application may be subject to additional costs, as per the rates defined in clause 3.8

The Service Provider will report to the Client in real time via a service portal that will be made available to all authorised Client representatives (as defined by the Client). The service portal will provide the following reports to the Client;

Support ticket summary
Total tickets created/solved/closed YTD
Total tickets created/solved/closed MTD
Total tickets created/solved/closed WTD
Tickets by user/type/status/priority/channel
Average first resolution and response time
SLA performance

Office 365 service usage
Service usage vs licensed capacity
Adoption trends over 12 month period
Month by month subscription trends

Office 365 licence summary
Office 365 licence assigned/plan by user

Additional reports may be requested in writing to the Service Provider, subject to a 72 hour turnaround period (additional charges may apply).

The Service Provider will also provide several proactive security reporting measures, subject to the Microsoft security licensing in use. Reporting on these events will be provided weekly, and only according to exceptions noted. In the case that no exceptions are noted, no reports will be provided.

Measure Office 365 Microsoft EM+S Microsoft 365
Risky Sign-in's review X X X
User risk flag event review X X
Covered Device malware reports X X
Covered Device security reports X X