Existing IT Infrastructure Assessment

We propose to approach the services by providing a specific scope of works against the required deliverables as detailed in "Deliverables".

We anticipate that we may offer support and assistance related to the above activities throughout the engagement. We confirm that the terms of this proposal will apply to any ancillary services offered during the assignment. For major project-based activities, or where requested, we will develop a separate proposal for Harvey Norman Technology for Business agreement prior to commencing any work.

The following deliverables will be provided as part of this engagement.
Audit Phase
  • Conduct a detailed audit of the core Microsoft 365 services configuration (Exchange, SharePoint, Teams).
  • Conduct a general review of the existing Security and Compliance configuration for Microsoft 365
  • Conduct a general review of the core network infrastructure and server environments including a detailed review of any current issues identified by the Customers team

Review Phase
  • Develop a post-audit report with associated summary findings and recommendations
  • A post-audit review of the final report with the customer representative

The following assumptions have been made regarding this engagement:
  • The Customer is able to clearly identify and articulate the existing services in use, including providing access to these services as required.
  • The Customer is able to clearly articulate any specific business pain points, policies or specific infrastructure services that require a review.

The following constraints are in place for this engagement:
  • Only the core services of the Microsoft 365 platform (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams) as well as the general Security and Compliance centre configurations will be included in the Microsoft 365 audit and review process.
  • No changes or remediation to any service configuration will be conducted as part of this engagement.
  • All audit and post-audit consultation tasks will be conducted remotely, as required

The following dependencies are required for this engagement:
  • Appropriate access to all relevant Customer team members and contractors
  • Appropriate access to all relevant Customer services and infrastructure