Migrate Email Securely & Easily

If you want to migrate from a personal account to business, migrate your mailbox from another hosting provider, an Outlook migration, a Gmail migration or migrate email to a full Office 365 account, we can help.

With Harvey Norman, our certified experts can manage email migration projects of any size with only minutes of user downtime. You can migrate an entire domain with full availability of your messaging system during data migration, including sending and receiving emails.

Our specialists work with you to plan, prepare and manage your email migration to ensure it runs smoothly.

Our commitment

There is a lot involved in migrating to a business grade solution, but don’t worry, our experts take ownership of your migration from first contact and work with you to develop a plan as if we were a member of your own staff.

What is involved really depends on the number of users in your business and the existing setup.

Here are a few things we need to consider in the process.


    We start by reviewing your environment. We need full visibility to determine most cost-effective pathway with the least amount of downtime for migration

    • Gather information about current environment
    • Understand your business goals
    • Discuss a migration plan


    We look at what and where of where your information is located, what has to be backed up, identities that need migration and more

    • Review existing environment and any necessary back-ups of information
    • Export of user information
    • Perform onboarding and configuration
    • Identity integration

Let’s get started!


    The amount of data and clients to be set up has an impact on time, as each migration includes:

    • Email client and mobile device setup
    • Validate mailboxes are ready for migration
    • Define migration schedule
    • Prepare a test run for data migration
    • Perform data migration
    • Manage and monitor the migration with specific Office 365 migration tools
    • Provide support for any encountered issues

Post Migration

    Once the migration is complete there is still a few things that need to happen we need to:

    • Formalise and verify migration completion
    • Assist with DNS redirections
    • Set up policies for
    • Security
    • Data

    All of aspects of any migration is dependent on the number of users and amount of information

Customer Testimonial

As a growing consultancy we had been struggling with the drain on our IT resources for some time. Harvey Norman Technology for Business gives us access to a streamlined service, with no fuss and a guarantee we are getting quality.”

Kale Billett

Engineer, AIE Engineering, Port Headland, WA

Need Ongoing Management?

When you decide to make the move to a business grade solution, you also need to decide how to manage and maintain it. If you have more important things to focus on (like your business) and don’t want to manage the day-to-day, we can do that for you.

Our team offers you:

  • Business email management
  • Email migration services
  • Migrate email to Office 365
  • Configuration
  • Optimisation
  • Security
  • Support
  • Expertise and knowledge

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on managing your technology instead of growing your business?

You need to consider how much time is being spent on tech issues, instead of focusing on day jobs, customers and growing your business. You also need to realise that technology is constantly changing. It takes a lot of time, effort in understanding to stay on top of the latest advancements in IT, do you have the time to do this?

Your time is valuable, but if you don’t do it – what is the cost to your business? The team at Harvey Norman Technology for Business are ready to help!

We are here to help.