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Our Mission

To assist businesses in achieving their goals whether it be employee benefits through salary packaging or by making sure their technology performs the right way at the right time.

Our Vision

To play a supporting role in our customers success, by being their provider of technology devices through salary packaging or as their on-call IT department, ensuring their investments deliver the needed outcomes for their people, customers and partners.

Why Harvey Norman Technology for Business?

  • Work with confidence to build and protect your business
  • Enjoy peace of mind with expert, impartial advice from an experienced, well-resourced partner
  • Tap into a breadth and depth of expert IT knowledge most small businesses can only dream of
  • Maximise up-time with one of the industry’s broadest service and support offerings
  • One-stop shop for advice on every aspect of your IT strategy
  • Always-on support - your business doesn’t stop so we don’t either

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