Why are we so adamant about small and medium business security?

Why are we so adamant about small and medium business security?

Recently Channel 9 ran a story on 60 Minutes Australia about something we all need to pay attention too. As Business owners and leaders, data security is something that needs to be taken seriously.

A week does not go by where we do not receive a call for help. Prevention is the best place to start.

Right this very minute, Australian governments, institutions and companies are under an unprecedented wave of attacks by computer hackers. But the fact is many won’t be aware of the damage being done until it’s too late.

And even when the attack is over, many are too afraid or embarrassed to speak out.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, the Australian National University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Brian Schmidt, says it’s time we started fighting back.

He has called for an end to the secrecy and shame from those who’ve been attacked, to help improve our fight against the cyber threat.

“Radical transparency is the way you actually show people what you did while you got broken into and you stand by the facts and your analysis and decision-making,” he told reporter Tara Brown.

‘It is really hard to defend against an attack like that. Almost anyone’s vulnerable’

Right now, the boom area for hackers is ransomware – where computer systems are locked up, encrypted or information stolen in return for the payment of a ransom.”

This article says it all:

Credit: Author of article; Lauren McWilliams, Channel 9, 60 Minutes Australia and Producer Gary McNab.

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